The benefit of a global SIM card

Travel SIM roaming SIM

We all know this situation and have felt terrible, angry, lost and have experienced many negative feelings. As an international traveller or as traveller on holidays abroad you certainly have come across the challenge of staying connected with your beloved, friends, business partners without spending a fortune on it.

Your home operator usually does not offer a great source of help here but rather the root of pain. As a customer you often face hilarious pricing for using your cellular device abroad. Moreover, the offer is either not very transparent and you have no idea what you are going to pay or the offer is transparent but you do not know when you have consumed your entitlement and when it starts to cost again. After your business trip or holiday, your operator will send you the invoice for the past month. The result is quite often a “bill shock”. As a very interesting side remark, operators do bother about you as a customer. They have programs running called “bill shock prevention” with a lot of activities around it. As a customer you’re informed about the costs of using the cellular network in a particular country, you’re informed about whether your roaming package is already consumed and if it’s going to cost you extra or the operators simply disable roaming at all, and so on…

Interestingly, none of these “bill shock prevention” programs come up with the simplest answer at all. Simply offer roaming to affordable prices. Unfortunately, operators are not to be expected to come up with this answer soon.

Global SIM cards

That’s where global SIM cards come into play. The benefit of a global SIM card is having worldwide access to cellular networks to affordable prices. For example, the global SIM card from Qynamic with its Q-Travel offer enables you to always have internet access, wherever you are.

Qynamic global SIM card and travel SIM card

Q-Travel is a global SIM card with an initial data package. The user can manage everything with the Qynamic App. You can use this initial data package in e.g. Zone Global (Europe, USA, Australia, Asia, South Africa, Russia, Turkey) or Global+ (including Zone Global, China, Latin America and further). Additionally, if you need more data, you simply have to buy a Q-TopUp, an additional data package, as soon as you require it. So, it is one data package to an attractive price for a huge footprint. You can use the Q-SIM in either your smartphone, tablet, laptop or mobile WiFi hotspot (MiFi). Just check out the Qynamic website www.qynamic.com