The best data SIM for Germany

Visiting Germany?

Your city trip through Germany is already booked and you’ve prepared everything in advance. However, you’re still looking for a data SIM as you want to make sure that you’ll always have access to the Internet during your trip.

What about if you do not benefit from the EU roaming regulation

If you’re an EU citizen, you will be able to surf in Germany without having to worry about your phone bill, as roaming has been abolished. You don’t have to buy any data SIM at all (unless you plan to travel to other countries on your trip that are not covered by this EU regulation). However, if you are not an EU citizen, you should inform yourself about your home network operator’s services. Most of the time, however, these offers are quite expensive and not recommendable.

Another possibility would be to buy a local data SIM, which would be much cheaper, but could cause you inconvenience. There are, of course, businesses that might trick you and lure you into a trap. It will also take time as you will have to fill in paperwork and sign a contract to buy a data SIM card. Another option is to buy a travel SIM card. You can order one prior to your trip via Internet and usually activate them directly if you have received them. Such a travel SIM card is very practical and advantageous, as you no longer lose time searching for a SIM card during your trip. Furthermore, such a travel SIM card often works in several countries and therefore you can travel through different countries with one SIM card without having to face any inconvenience during the trip. However, since there are many providers that sell travel SIM cards, you should check a few things before ordering one over the Internet:

  • The offer should be transparent and should not contain hidden traps.
  • The SIM card should work in the desired country, in our case in Germany.
  • The SIM card should support all SIM form factors (mini, micro and nano format). This ensures that you can plug the SIM card into any device.
  • The loading of mobile data (TopUps) should be possible without problems.
  • Support should always be available to help you when you need it.

There are many offers available, so check these criteria and carefully choose the best SIM data for you.

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