Best Internet pay-as-you-go for the USA

Do you have the desire to discover the Grand Canyon, Yellow Stone Park, Golden Gate Bridge or do you fancy gambling in Las Vegas, celebrity spotting in Hollywood, climbing the Statue of liberty? The USA, the country of boundless freedom, is a very popular destination.

Using your smartphone in the US

However, if you’re planning to take your smartphone overseas, it’s not always cheap.

International roaming can be rather expensive, especially if you’re using data outside your home country. Depending on your telco and plan, you might be lucky and have free roaming inclusions or add-on travel packs or you might be stuck with pricey pay-as-you-go rates. Most pay-as-you-go rates are going to ruin you. For most travellers, data is the main thing. Not only do they want to google things and use google maps, but also book flights, hotels, Uber and chat with their family and friends.

Data is essential these days so pay attention to your data expenses. Despite mobile operators roaming packages, it is still very costly and can easily cost you a fortune. Especially as not all operator keep you well informed about when your roaming package allowens is used and you start to pay a much higher per MB price. But what can you do? A good alternative is a so called travel SIM or a roaming SIM. These SIM cards grant you worldwide access to mobile data to an attractive price. But where can I get such an offer?

Qynamic, a start-up company from Switzerland has recently brought an easy, convenient and attractive offer to the market. With their Q-Travel offer, you always have internet access wherever you are.

Q-Travel is a global SIM card with an initial data package. The user can manage everything with the Qynamic App. You can use this initial data package in e.g. Zone Global (Europe, USA, Australia, Asia, South Africa, Russia, Turkey) or Global+ (including Zone Global, China, Latin America and further). And in case you need more, you can just buy a Q-TopUp, an additional data package as soon as you require it. So, it’s one data package to an attractive price for a huge footprint. You can either use the Q-SIM in your smartphone, tablet, laptop or you can use it as a mobile WiFi hotspot (MiFi).


Just check out the Qynamic website www.qynamic.com

or order directly on Qynamic Webshop.