SIM card for China

Fancy China?

Sweet and Sour, Fried Rice, Dumplings, Roasted Duck… You can’t stop thinking about the food you’re going to taste on your trip to China. You’ve already booked your flights and hotels and you’re looking forward to eating these famous Chinese dishes, drinking Chinese tea, visiting the Great Wall of China and many other top sights and to simply getting to know the Chinese culture. You’ve organized everything and are thrilled to leave for China. However, you might have forgotten to think about how you’re going to stay connected to your family and friends. Did you plan on using your home operator’s roaming offer or did you think of buying a travel SIM card?

Your options

Your home operator’s roaming offer might be the most convenient option, but it is most likely going to be the most expensive one as well. Additionally, transparency might be missing, and you’ll likely be facing a “bill shock” as soon as you’ll receive your invoice after your trip. Buying a local SIM card might be another option which appears to be rather cheap. However, it’s not really the most convenient option. Depending on the place you’re visiting, purchasing a local SIM card can be rather complicated and nerve-stretching. Employees in certain shops might not be able to speak English and you probably have to fill out quite a lot of paperwork prior to buying a SIM card. Additionally, there are many unserious shops that might trick you and sell SIM cards which won’t work as promised. Another option is a Travel SIM card which is reasonably priced and quite convenient as well. Usually a Travel SIM card works worldwide and offers you access to mobile networks in different countries. You can purchase Travel SIM cards via Internet or at certain points of sales prior to leaving for your trip. Most SIM cards can be activated via Internet or via an App so most of them come with a great convenience. However, before buying a Travel SIM card, check a few criteria:

  • Many offers seem very attractive but turn out to be rather complex to understand. Ensure that the offer is transparent and doesn’t have any hidden traps.
  • Check if the SIM card you’re planning to buy works in your preferred country, in our case in China. There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a SIM card and finding out that it doesn’t work at your preferred destination.
  • The SIM card should support all SIM Form Factors (Mini, Micro and Nano format). This ensures that you can plug it into any device.
  • Check if topping up the SIM card can be done easily or if it’s a complicated process.
  • Check if there’s support available, which offers you help whenever you need it.

There are a lot of different Travel SIM cards, so check these criteria prior to buying one and choosing the best data sim for you.

Attractive offer from Qynamic

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