The best SIM card for Indonesia

You’ve heard a lot of the incredible Indonesian cuisine, read numerous articles about the top sights in Indonesia and you’ve seen so many breathtaking pictures of the countless pristine islands and the paradisiac beaches of Indonesia. Needless to say, you’ve made up your mind to go visit Indonesia and immerse into a breathtaking world. However, you want to share your experiences with your friends and family and post your videos and pictures on Snapchat, Instagram and so on. There are many options which grant you access to mobile data if you’re travelling abroad. You can either make use of your home operator’s offer, buy a local SIM card or buy a Travel SIM card. Every option has their advantages and disadvantages but which option is the best for you?

Home operators often have roaming offers in case you travel abroad. These might come with a great convenience, but you definitely have to pay through one’s nose if you make use of your home operator’s roaming offer. Roaming offers are overpriced and often not even transparent, so this should be your last option. Local SIM cards are a lot cheaper and will save you a lot of money. However, they are not very convenient as there are a few obstacles along the way of purchasing a local SIM card. The locals might not be able to speak English and you might not be able to get the SIM card you wish for. Additionally, you always have to fill out a lot of paperwork before you can buy a SIM card, and this can be quite annoying. Moreover, you can never be sure that you won’t be tricked by unserious shops. Travel SIM cards might be a bit more expensive than local SIM cards but come with a great convenience. You can purchase and often even activate them prior to your trip. You’ll have access to mobile data immediately after arriving! Moreover, depending on which Travel SIM card you choose, you can even purchase TopUps through an App. As there are many different Travel SIM cards, be sure to check a few criteria:

  • Many offers seem to be very attractive but turn out to be rather complex to understand. Ensure that the offer is transparent and doesn’t have any hidden traps.
  • Check if the SIM card you’re planning to buy works in your preferred country, in our case in Indonesia. There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a SIM card and finding out that it doesn’t work at your preferred destination.
  • The SIM card should support all SIM Form Factors (Mini, Micro and Nano format). This ensures that you can plug it into any device.
  • Check if topping up the SIM card can be done easily or if it’s a complicated process.
  • Check if there’s support available, which offers you help whenever you need it.

There are a lot of different Travel SIM cards, so check these criteria prior to buying one and choosing the best data sim for your trip.

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