The best SIM card for Stockholm

Hej Stockholm

Nowadays, Wifi is everywhere but the demand of internet connectivity at all times is increasing dramatically. We all need Google Maps to get around, want to keep track of our social media feeds, Snapchat our experiences and order Ubers. Even if we’re on holidays we feel the need to be connected at any time. However, using your home operators offer abroad might be very expensive so many opt for local SIM cards or Travel SIM cards.

Which is the best SIM card for Stockholm?

This fully depends on your needs. There are many pay-as-you-go SIM cards available at most high-street mobile phone shops. If you’re looking for the cheapest option, you might opt for this one, even if it’s not the most convenient one. If you do decide to buy a local SIM card, keep out an eye for Tele2, Telenor or Telia. However, keep in mind that you’ll lose time while finding the right store with the preferred SIM and best pricing. You’ll lose time while purchasing the SIM as well and it might even be nerve-racking. If you’re not up to this, you might want to get a SIM card before you arrive. There are Travel SIM cards, which can be ordered online and which are very convenient to use. They can be activated prior to your trip and are immediately ready for use. However, there are many different providers, so check a few things before you buy a Travel SIM card:

  • Easy to understand offer: Is the offer easy to understand and transparent? Does it have any hidden traps?
  • Coverage and data speed: Is your travel destination covered and if yes, is the data speed slow or fast at your travel destination?
  • TopUps: Is purchasing a TopUp complicated or is it to be done easily?
  • Support: Is there support available in case you need it?

An attractive alternative

Qynamic, a swiss based company offers Q-Travel and Q-SIM, an excellent solution for Stockholm and the rest of the world. Very attractive prices, easy onboarding and convenient to use.


Just check it out on www.qynamic.com


or order Q-Travel directly on Qynamic Webshop