The best SIM card for the USA

Want to enjoy the USA?

Do you wish to travel to the USA and visit the Golden Gate Bridge, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon or do you simply want to go shopping in New York or in Los Angeles and eat delicious foods? Anyway, there are a lot of things to do in America and you can definitely cross of a lot things off your bucket list while travelling in the USA. However, if you’re planning your trip, don’t forget to keep in mind how you want to keep in touch with your friends and family. You could either buy a local SIM card or buy a Travel SIM card. Both have their advantages and you’ll have to choose which one fits your needs the best.

The options you have

The local SIM card will probably be cheaper but it’s not really the most convenient option. You’ll have to figure out where to buy the SIM card which fits your needs first. After you’ve found the right shop, you’ll have to wait in line and then fill out plenty of paperwork until you’ll receive your SIM card. You might even have to check twice to find out if the SIM card works in every destination you want to visit. Therefore, a Travel SIM card might be a lot more convenient. You can order it online and what’s more important, you can order it prior to your trip. You’ll have your SIM card ready before you’ve left for your trip. Depending on the SIM card you can even purchase additional TopUps through an App, which makes everything a lot easier. However, there are many offers available, so check a few criteria prior to purchasing a Travel SIM card:

  • Easy to understand offer: Many offers seem to be attractive but turn out to be rather complex to understand. Be sure that the offer is transparent and doesn’t have any hidden traps.
  • Coverage: Nothing is more frustrating than finding out that the travel SIM card does not work at your preferred destination, in our case in Russia. You would be back to square one.
  • Supported SIM Form Factors: Ideally, the travel SIM supports the Mini, Micro and Nano format. This will ensure that you can plug it into any device.
  • Support: Available Support, which offers you help whenever you need it.

Therefore, Roaming or Travel SIM cards are an excellent alternative. These allow you to stay online during your venture in the USA. However, there are a lot of options, so choose wisely.

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