Buy a SIM card online for Amsterdam

Travelling to Amsterdam

So, you’ve planned your trip to Amsterdam. You’ve booked your flight, booked an Airbnb, you know what sights you want to visit and what food you’re going to taste. You’re really excited to leave for Amsterdam but you’re still deciding on what kind of SIM card you’re going to buy. You definitely want to buy one online as this is the most convenient way to purchase a SIM card. You can buy it prior to your trip and you won’t lose any time trying to find one in Amsterdam. However, you have to be careful If you buy things online as there could always could be some hidden traps and there are a lot of unserious websites. So, which SIM card should you buy online for your trip in Amsterdam? 

Your Options

There are a lot of different options to choose from. One of the options is Simyo. They have an own website where you can purchase a SIM card. However, the website is in Dutch, so if you’re not Dutch, you might have difficulties to choose from their offers. KPN is another option but their website is in Dutch as well. Another option is buying a Travel SIM card, which allows you to not only have access to Internet in the Netherlands, but also in other countries. There are many providers which sell Travel SIM cards and for this reason, check a few criteria before purchasing one: 

  • The offer must be easy to understand. It must be transparent so there aren’t any hidden traps. 
  • The SIM card that you’re buying should work in your preferred country, in our case in New Zealand. 
  • The SIM card should support all SIM Form Factors (Mini, Micro and Nano format).  
  • Purchasing a TopUp shouldn’t be too difficult.
  • There should be support available, which offers help whenever you need it. 

Attractive Offer

Qynamic, a swiss based company offers  Q-Travel and Q-SIM, an excellent solution for Australia and the rest of the world. Q-Travel allows you to stay online at very attractive prices! Moreover, the offer is easy to understand, the onboarding is very easy and it’s convenient to use, as TopUps can be purchased through an App easily.  


Just check it out on www.qynamic.com 

or order Q-Travel directly on
Qynamic Webshop