Bye-bye roaming!
The start-up Qynamic launches Q-Travel for worldwide mobile internet


(Zurich) Mobile surfing around the world at an attractive price – that’s Qynamic’s statement. Realized by the world’s first fully digitized onboarding with a mobile app, “anyone – anytime – anywhere”.

High roaming bills and tedious paperwork are definitely a thing of the past!

Qynamic, a Swiss start-up founded in March 2017, launches Q-Travel, a worldwide mobile high-speed internet access. It is simple, inexpensive and does not require any contractual obligation. Travel across multiple countries with uninterrupted connectivity is easier than ever with the unique Q-SIM.

Q-Travel is the answer to the growing global demand for mobile internet access. Qynamic convinces with simple, transparent and innovative products at an attractive price. Q-Travel is based on the Qynamic App and the Q-SIM including an initial data package. If there is a higher demand for data, additional data packages, so-called Q-TopUps, are available in the mobile app.

The standard portfolio of Q-Travel, which is available as of now, includes:

  • Q-SIM with 1GB initial data package for the Zone Global (Europe, USA, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore) at the price of EUR/CHF 29. –
  • Q-TopUp 1GB data for the Zone Global at the price of EUR/CHF 15. –
  • Q-TopUp 3GB data for the Zone Global at the price of EUR/CHF 39. –
  • Q-TopUp 1GB data for the Zone Global+ (Zone Global supplemented with China, Canada, Central and South America, Japan, and other parts of Asia) at the price of EUR/CHF 29. –

During the introductory phase of Q-Travel, Q-SIM is offered with a 250MB initial data package for the Zone Global for a promotion price of EUR/CHF 9.90.

Simplicity and user-friendliness were the focus of Q-Travel’s development. The Qynamic App enables the user to create the account, activate the Q-SIM and purchase additional data packages (Q-TopUps) or Q-SIMs if required. The entire service can be easily and conveniently managed via the mobile app. With just a few steps you are worldwide in the mobile Internet:

  • Download the Qynamic App
  • Create user account
  • Insert Q-SIM into the device, register and off you go

The Q-SIM, including the initial data package, can be purchased directly over the Qynamic App, Amazon and Ebay.

The Qynamic App was developed in close cooperation with the Swiss software company Comerge from Zurich. It is available for both iOS and Android. The go-to-market of Q-Travel is accompanied by the marketing agency Jonlinio from Baar.



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