Cheap Internet in Switzerland

Thanks to the regulation of roaming charges in the EU, you can surf the EU as an EU citizen without having to worry about your phone bill. However, if you want to travel to Switzerland, you have to expect high roaming costs, as Switzerland is not included in this regulation. There are some providers that include Switzerland, but this is by no means not the case with all providers. How do you still get cheap Internet in Switzerland?

There are many different prepaid offers in Switzerland. For example, Yallo offers unlimited surfing for 40.- per month, Salt offers unlimited surfing for 1.99.-/day or Sunrise offers unlimited surfing/telephone/chat in Switzerland for 50.- per month. There are many cheap offers, but the disadvantage of buying such a SIM card is the inconvenience that comes with buying a SIM card. You need to go to a shop and fill out a lot of paperwork before you get to your SIM card. Another possibility would be to order a travel SIM card online. You can order and activate them before your trip. It is especially beneficial if you are still planning to travel to other countries, as travel SIM cards work in many countries.

Qynamic, a company based in Switzerland, offers an excellent solution for Switzerland and the rest of the world with Q-Travel and Q-SIM. Very attractive prices, easy onboarding and convenient operation.


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