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It is great to travel

Travelling is such a blessing. Discovering new scents, new cities, new countries, new cultures and making new friends. It is a pleasure to share all these impressions and pictures with your friends, to keep them informed about what you are experiencing. Sharing these moments with those at home is the motto.

In the past, postcards were sent instead of WhatsApp messages but the postcards often did not arrive until you were already back home. Today social media with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat play a very important role. This means that the experiences can be shared immediately and in real time. Thus one needs an “Internet on the road” and thus a mobile hotspot for travelling.

However, staying connected at all times is rather a challenge. Not least because you are exposed to expensive roaming when travelling. The prices for using a foreign mobile network are expensive, exorbitant and sometimes prohibitive. This can greatly cloud the joy.

Although WiFi offers free access to the Internet at low cost, WiFi hotspots are often not where you want to be on the Internet. Or it is complicated to connect and sometimes very slow. Last but not least, you can also catch computer viruses there.

WiFi Qynamic

Luckily, there’s a remedy. Mobile hotspot for your travel, that is your internet for on the way. A mobile hotspot is a small device that represents a WiFi hotspot on the one hand and connects to the Internet via the mobile network on the other.

But that alone will not be enough. To access the mobile radio network, the Mobile Hotspot also needs a SIM card for your trip. Luckily there is the super offer Q-Travel from Qynamic. In addition to the Q-SIM, there are data packages that can be used in either Zone Global (Europe, USA, Australia, Asia, South Africa, Russia, Turkey) or Global+ (including Zone Global, China, Latin America, Philippines and others).

Qynamic Zone Model


Additional data packages can be purchased at an attractive price via the Qynamic App and can be used in the corresponding zone.

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How good is that? Your mobile hotspot on the road.

Where to buy

Available at shop.qynamic.com.