Are you in need of an Australian SIM card?

Are you desirous of visiting Australia? Do you wish to travel to Sydney to see the Opera House and Harbour Bridge or do you simply want to go road tripping through Australia and explore its nature and wildlife? In any case, you probably want to stay connected to your family and friends while travelling. You can either make use of your home operator’s roaming offer, buy a local SIM card or you can buy a travel SIM card. However, which is the best option?

Your home operator’s roaming offer might be convenient but rather expensive and you’re likely to overpay. Additionally, the offer might not be very transparent and you might not be informed as soon as you’ve consumed your entitlement and therefore have to pay normal roaming charges again. A local SIM might be cheaper but a little less convenient as you have to look for a store first thing after arriving and then have to fill out paperwork before you can actually purchase a local SIM. Additionally, you might even be taken in and the local SIM won’t actually work. Moreover, if your SIM does actually work, purchasing additional data packages can often be nerve-racking and complicated. A travel SIM card is quite convenient as well as reasonably priced. It usually works worldwide thus offers you access to mobile networks all over the world. You can purchase them via Internet or at certain points of sales. However, check a few criteria prior to buying a travel SIM card:

  • Easy to understand offer: Many offers seem to be attractive but turn out to be rather complex to understand. Be sure that the offer is transparent and doesn’t have any hidden traps.
  • Coverage: Nothing is more frustrating than finding out that the travel SIM card does not work at your preferred the destination, in our case in Australia. You would be back to square one.
  • Supported SIM Form Factors: Ideally, the travel SIM supports the Mini, Micro and Nano format. This will ensure that you can plug it into any device.
  • Support: Available Support, which offers you help whenever you need it.

There are many offers available so choose the best data sim wisely.

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