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Qynamic use case – Tom keeps in touch

Tom keeps in touch with his family via WhatsApp during his EMEA business travel

Tom (40) is Sales Manager for a Swiss company. He is responsible for the EMEA region. Every week he travels to a different country, be it Romania, Spain, Estonia, Sweden or Bulgaria. He keeps in touch with his team in Dübendorf (ZH) via a video and data conferencing tool using his company laptop. His four- and two-year-old children Liam and Lara call their dad every day via WhatsApp on his private iPhone. Tom also uses WhatsApp with his wife Tanja.

Tom has been a convinced customer of Qynamic for some time now. The Swiss company Qynamic is a leading international mobile data provider with excellent IT security expertise. Without Qynamic, Tom would have to fall back on the very expensive data tariffs of his company mobile phone contract outside Europe. That would give him problems especially due to the long and private video calls with his family. Especially since little Liam wants to show his dad every picture he stamped in kindergarten to explain it in detail. And Lara really wants her dad to read the bedtime story to her via WhatsApp. And yet another page … and another page. Of course, he needs time with Tanja, too.

Tom is preparing his next career jump and doesn’t want his private data usage to be charged to his company bill. Not to mention that he also uses his private iPhone occasionally for business calls and data transfers. Of course, he cannot risk dialing into an open, hence insecure local WiFi, for example one that’s provided by a hotel or restaurant.

With the Qynamic Data Package 2GB EU-Special, Tom has 90 days of international data access in the EU via his Qynamic SIM-Card. Data access takes place at a particularly fast 4G speed and meets the highest security requirements. This has been approved by his company’s head office in Dübendorf.

Tom also benefits from his Qynamic Global+ data package for long-haul trips. This provides him with uninterrupted 4G data access in 106 countries worldwide. Top: The data package has a validity of 90 days. Since Tom rarely travels to the USA or Asia, this is a true advantage compared to the conventional data packages of the major providers, which usually expire automatically after 30 days.

And when things get particularly busy at home, Tom is glad that he receives a push message from Qynamic early on to renew his data volume in due time. He does this with a few wipes through the intuitive and secure interface of the Qynamic App, which he never wants to let go again.

Be as smart as Tom and benefit now from Qynamic’s great offers. Order your Q-SIM now!

Further information: www.qynamic.com


Protect your personal mobile data with Qynamic just as you would protect your skin under the sun.

Forget about using unsecured WiFi while abroad. Our data access has the highest security standards and protects your personal data wherever you are.

Free Wi-Fi could allow any hacker to position himself between you and the connection point. So instead of talking directly with the hotspot, you could potentially send your login data to the hacker. With Qynamic data packages your own safe WiFi solution is always available – borderless and valid around the globe for 90 days.

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Avoid the roaming trap

Your staggering Instagram Feed should always remind you of the best moments in life. Summer vacations at the most heavenly places on earth, should definitely be part of it – however without falling into that roaming trap. Avoid bad surprises during your summer holidays and benefit from our easy and attractively priced online data package solution. With Qynamic you can stay connected with your friends.

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Summer vacation in Italy or France or Greece – WhatsApp in Mykonos?


Stay connected to your friends and share your dolce vita moments with our

New 2GB EU-Special 2GB TopUp for 19 EUR/CHF.

Enjoy and feed your followers on Instagram with your barista’s or barkeeper’s artistic talent without having to rely on the unstable WiFi of that cosy coffee house at the sea. And once you are back, profit from our Hotelcard deal that comes with this package.

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Qynamic – your best way to stay online abroad – without any subscription.

Our mobile phone has become our portable headquarter – beyond WhatsApp, Instagram and Google, most of us started using smartphones as well for e-banking, file sharing and online booking. So what happens if you are travelling across the globe and connect to WiFi abroad?
Public WiFi is available just about everywhere around the globe, but it also poses security risks to your personal data available on your smartphone and laptop. From phishing for your login data to stealing of your credit card details, everything can happen.

There is a far more beneficial way with Qynamic, your global online data provider: it’s simple, secure and attractively priced. Get the Qynamic App, order your global Qynamic SIM, choose your data package and it’s all set. Visit our Webshop.

Our 250 MB Global data package (regular price EUR/CHF 15.00) is currently on sale for EUR 9.90 / CHF 9.90.


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Substancial extenstion of coverage and 4G service

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Canada now in Zone Global

Traveling to Canada?

From the cosmopolitan streets of Toronto to the mountain peaks of the Canadian Rockies, our neighbour to the north features a diverse set of vacation destinations. Deciding which one is perfect for your next getaway can be difficult. Anyway with Q-Access you stay online during your entire journey

Zone Global includes now Canada

Good news for all North-America travellers. Canada is now in Zone Global. You can stay online for only EUR 15.- per 1GB.

Don’t wait for it: shopeur.qynamic.com



Qynamic keeps Biking Borders connected to the Internet

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iOS Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod

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