The perfect SIM card for the Philippines

Philippines we are comming!

As summer approaches this is a plea to take a holiday and go travelling. Many people tend to spend their holiday at the beach in order to relax and treat themselves to some time-out. You’ve rightly chosen to travel to the Philippines as the Philippines do not only have incredibly paradisiac beaches and islands, but also an incomparable hospitality to the rest of the world. Filipinos are extremely welcoming and respectful. However, the Philippines have even more to offer. Philippines’ wildlife is one of the most diverse in the world, the weather and climate is very pleasant, and their cuisine is very delicious! Now that you’ve chosen your destination, you want to take care of everything else. You have to book your flights and hotels, give thought to transportation and you have to consider how you’re going to stay connected to family and friends as well. You’ve already called your home operator to inform yourself about roaming offers but those offers turned out to be far too expensive. What other options do you have?

Stay online during your trip

You could either buy a local SIM card or a Travel SIM card. Buying a local SIM card is quite cheap but it comes with a bit of an inconvenience. You don’t really know which store sells the SIM card you’re looking for and there might even be unserious stores which are going to trick you. Moreover, if you do find the right store, it can take up quite a long time until you’ll receive your SIM. You have to queue and, then have to fill out a lot of paperwork until you can finally get your SIM card. Additionally, you won’t have access to Internet until you’ve bought a local SIM card. If you choose a Travel SIM card, you can order it before leaving for your trip and you can even activate the SIM prior to your holiday. You’ll have access to Internet right after arriving! Depending on which Travel SIM card you choose, you can even purchase a TopUp through an App. However, there are many Travel SIM cards, so you should check a few criteria prior to buying one:

  • Are the offers easy to understand? Is the offer transparent or are there any hidden traps?
  • Does the SIM card you’re planning to buy work in your preferred country, in our case the Philippines?
  • Does the SIM card support all SIM Form Factors (Mini, Micro and Nano format)? This ensures that you can plug it into any device.
  • Can a TopUp be purchased easily or is it a complicated process?
  • Is there support available, which offers help whenever you need it?

There are a lot of different Travel SIM cards, so check these criteria prior to buying one and choosing the best data sim for your trip.

Did you know about this?

Qynamic, a swiss based company offers Q-Travel and Q-SIM, an excellent solution for the Philippines and the rest of the world. Very attractive prices, easy onboarding and convenient to use.


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