Qynamic – your best way to stay online abroad – without any subscription.

Our mobile phone has become our portable headquarter – beyond WhatsApp, Instagram and Google, most of us started using smartphones as well for e-banking, file sharing and online booking. So what happens if you are travelling across the globe and connect to WiFi abroad?
Public WiFi is available just about everywhere around the globe, but it also poses security risks to your personal data available on your smartphone and laptop. From phishing for your login data to stealing of your credit card details, everything can happen.

There is a far more beneficial way with Qynamic, your global online data provider: it’s simple, secure and attractively priced. Get the Qynamic App, order your global Qynamic SIM, choose your data package and it’s all set. Visit our Webshop.

Our 250 MB Global data package (regular price EUR/CHF 15.00) is currently on sale for EUR 9.90 / CHF 9.90.