Weltkugel plus Q-SIM

Q-SIM – 4G Data SIM Card

3G/4G data SIM card for worldwide highspeed internet access with free data (90 days validity). Qynamic App to activate and manage Q-SIM card quickly and convenient. More information here.

anyone – anytime – anywhere

Traveling internationally

Travaling often internationally and need to be always connected to the internet? Just go for Q-Travel from Qynamic. Stay globally connected to anyone. Be online and connect yourself at anytime. Contact your family and friends from anywhere

International SIM card for high speed internet access

Looking for an International SIM card to use for international travel internationally or other countries? Qynamic’s Q-Travel is an International SIM card solution that gives you more. With Q-Travel, our international SIM card will provide you with low-cost Australia data cell phone service as well as international data cell phone roaming in many other countries. You simply stay international online with the our Q-SIM.

Why buying a local SIM card? Go for more convenience!

Why buying a local SIM card at the airport that will expire quickly and can be very inconvenient to top-up? Buy a Qynamic’s intenational Q-SIM before you go on your trip. Don’t spend time searching for  shops to buy a local SIM and wait in long lines to purchase a local SIM, you will be ready to use your international cell phone internationally for calls (VoIP), texts and data – the moment you land at the airport! Q-Travel and its Q-SIM is a perfect solution for iPhones, smartphone, iPads, tablets, computers and MiFi hotspot devices worldwide.

Q-Travel, the perfect solution

Q-Travel with its Q-SIM – is the perfect International SIM card solution for savvy travelers. Get your Q-SIM today and start enjoying wireless freedom without the high cost.