Smart SIM card for the UK

Travelling to the UK?

The UK has plenty of beautiful places that you definitely have to visit once you’re in the UK! One of the places you have to visit is London, which is not only famous for shopping trips, but also for the London Eye, the Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace and so on. Edinburgh with it’s beautiful Edinburgh Castle is also a wonderful place to visit or Manchester or Brighton. If you prefer being at the beach, then Brighton might be better for you than London or Manchester but if you prefer being in the city, then London is a great option! There are also beautiful national parks for the adventurous travelers, for example in Wales. Wherever you prefer to go, don’t forget to think about buying a SIM card to keep in touch with your friends and family.

Your options

You can buy local SIM cards at every destination that you’re planning to visit. You’ll be able to find SIM cards everywhere from dedicated stores to tiny convenience stores. The prices are mostly the same and don’t really differ a lot but there are resellers, which offer better rates. Inform yourself about the pricing, the coverage and data speeds and the topups if you plan on buying a local SIM card. Normally, in order to purchase a topup, you’ll have to visit the store. There are a few stores which offer the possibility to purchase a topup through the Internet but only if you have a UK-issued credit card. Depending on which SIM card you choose, the data speed can vary a lot at different places, so you might have extremely slow internet in Brighton and extremely fast in London. If you’re not really up to this, as it’s not reliable, there’s also the option to buy a Travel SIM card. Travel SIM cards are very convenient and probably the smartest option. You can order them prior to your trip and you can even activate them before you’re leaving. There are, however, many different providers, so check a few criteria before you buy one. Most importantly, the offer has to be easy to understand and it has to be transparent so there won’t be any hidden trips. Check if the SIM card offers coverage for all your preferred travel destinations. Additionally, you should check if purchasing a topup can be done easily and without any complications. There should be support available in case you have a problem and need it.

Attractive offer

Qynamic, a swiss based company offers Q-Travel and Q-SIM, an excellent solution for the UK and the rest of the world. Very attractive prices, easy onboarding and convenient to use.


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